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Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe

Antimatter Academy
Briefing Room
Back in time to the Big Bang


The History of Antimatter
From 1928 to 1995

1928:the Beginning
1930:nature's helping hand
1954:power tools
1995: from antiparticles to antimatter
The Accelerator Era
Pioneer machines
High energy frontier
Low energy frontier
Antimatter in Cosmology


The Antimatter Factory
What is the AD?
What does it consist of?
How does it work?

The AD experiments
AD progress


Antimatter Everyday
PET scan
Cosmic rays
Science Fiction
Star Trek
Antimatter propulsion


Kid's Corner
What is matter?
What is antimatter?
The playdough of nature
Do antiparticles exist?
Are antiparticles the bricks of antimatter?
Where is antimatter?
When they meet
The smashing game
Just look at one!
The antiatoms recipe
The Art Gallery


Antimatter Questions & Answers



Live Webcasts
How Webcast is done
Technical Requirements

Classroom setup
Watch the Live Event
Video Archive